Getting Ready to Sell


The best chance for selling your property is within the first 7 weeks. We are here to help you price your property right the first time.


Buyers are turned off by even the smallest amount of uncleanliness or odour, resulting in a loss of thousands to the seller.

  • Make your home squeaky clean, generating a faster sale and more money as a result

  • Create space by eliminating old junk and clutter.

  • It will make an easier move for you too If you have pets, or a home exposed to smoke or diaper changes, extinguish all odours. Buyers will notice


  • Have an electronic key box.

  • Be absent during showings, including pets, allowing the buyer to feel at ease and spend more time.

  • Brighten the home by keeping all lights on, drapes open.

  • Keep all interior doors unlocked and accessible.

  • If you have to stay home during a showing, let the buyer's agent do their job.

Paint and Flooring

Paint is your best improvement investment for getting the greatest return on your money.

  • Paint when there are chips, exposed wood or it looks faded.

  • If the carpet is worn, dirty, outdated or an unusual colour, seriously consider replacing it. Buyers don't want to spend the time or money on improvements before they move in... they'll move on.

Curb Appeal

Your front yard immediately reflects the inside condition of your property to the buyer.

  • Trim any trees or bushes blocking visibility of your home from the street.

  • Grass should be mowed, trimmed and edged.

  • Walkways should be swept or shoveled. Remove all debris and parked cars.

  • Repair any broken or damaged fencing.