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New Build Purchase

Listen up all you new home buyers.  If you are looking to buy directly from a builder you may be suprised at how you need to proceed in order to protect yourself. 

Senario:  You're wondering around one weekend, through new showhomes.  Maybe just looking at decorating ideas or seeing what's new, when you find the perfect house you want to buy or at least consider.  How do you proceed from here?  How do you ensure that your best interests are being protected?

Did you know that builders are not required to follow the guildlines set forth under the Alberta Real Estate Act? 

Did you know that showhome sales personel (Area Managers) aren't working for your best interest, but the best interest of the builder?

Did you know that Cher Ewing can help?  She can act on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best product available at the best price and help you avoid making costly mistakes you'll regret.

How do you have Cher Ewing involved in your new home purchase? 

A builder requires your Realtor to:  "On the first visit to the showhome, introduce and register you, in person.  A client must not be a customer the builder has had contact within the past 60 days.  All contracts must be negotiated within 60 days."

Well, that's impossible!  You've already been through the showhome!  What now?

Please make sure, when you visit a showhome, that you tell the salesperson you have a Realtor you'll be working with.  On your next visit, be sure to make arrangements to have your Realtor with you.  We can look after the details and negotiations from there.

The builder is doing everything possible to ensure their best interests are being looked after.  You should be doing the same.  Make certain you too have qualified, professional advise and assistance when you are purchasing a new home from a builder.

If you have any further questions about buying a new home, call us today.